1. Download bench

wget -O bench

2. Run bench

python3 bench


Running the script without parameters is equivalent to:

python3 bench go

The following parameters are currently available: go, cn, us, ru, eu, se, me, contabo, ovhcloud

You can select multiple regions at the same time:

python3 bench cn us eu

Custom regions can also be used:

python3 bench -u

The returned text needs to be JSON format.


Thead: You can specify the number of threads with the -t parameter.

python3 bench -t 1

Id: You can specify a test server with the -i parameter.

python3 bench -i 35154

Or many servers:

python3 bench -i 20478 21514 35154

Server ID:

You can find the server id from this page: Datasheet

How it work? is written in python3 and calls speedtest-cli. And finally displays the data with some editing.

License is released under the Mulan PubL v2 License. See LICENSE for more information.